May 24, 2022

Joe Alwyn Finally Addresses Those Taylor Swift Engagement Rumors


Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn engaged? Call it what you want—but they’re not saying.

After months of speculation about the couple’s relationship status, the British actor, 31, finally addressed engagement rumors in a new interview with WSJ. Magazine.

“If I had a pound for every time I think I’ve been told I’ve been engaged, then I’d have a lot of pound coins,” Alwyn, who began dating the 32-year-old singer in 2016, told the outlet. “I mean, the truth is, if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say, and if the answer was no, I wouldn’t say.”

While the Conversations With Friends star was coy about the rumors, he was very clear as to why he keeps his private life, well, private. “We live in a culture that people expect so much to be given,” he shared. “So that if you’re not posting all the time about what you’re doing, how you’re spending a day or how you made a breakfast, does that make you a recluse?”