May 27, 2022

New Grey’s Anatomy Patients May Just Break Our Hearts


As if Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t broken our hearts enough…

It’s bringing in two new patients to do some more damage. On April 19, it was announced that Bianca A. Santos and Cedric Sanders will star as recurring cast members on season 18 of ABC’s medical drama

Beginning May 12, the pair will play a married couple in a serious medical situation. Cedric will star as Simon Clark, “a devoted husband/father-to-be” who “is depleted from a long-term battle with a serious illness. He uses humor to distract himself from how serious his condition really is,” according to the character description.

Bianca—who has previously appeared on The Fosters—will play Kristen Clark, Simon’s spouse, who “struggles to remain stress-free for her unborn baby, while trying to support her extremely ill husband,” the description continues.

According to the episode’s logline, during the couple’s first episode titled “I’ll Cover You,” we will learn that Link (Chris Carmack) is Simon’s previous doctor. Variety was first to announce the news.