May 24, 2022

Which Skims Items Does Pete Davidson Wear? Kim Kardashian Tells All…


Next up was her notorious silver Louis Vuitton Miroir bag, which she coordinated with bestie Paris Hilton‘s gold one—but turns out, they were both Kim’s!

“I wouldn’t let her put a thing in there. They were both my bags and I had gotten them as a gift, and I told her, ‘Do you see what your purses looks like? You’re not allowed to put one thing in that bag,'” she shared. “‘If you get a stain, if you spill one thing in my bag, I’ll kill you.’ So I said, ‘Let’s use mine, and you can put your purse inside of mine and I’ll get out whatever you need. But you’re not touching that bag on the inside.'”

And for as difficult as it was to wear, Kim still loves her all-black 2021 Balenciaga Met Gala look and even got a good laugh out of convincing people it was her underneath all the fabric.

Anna Wintour hadn’t seen that look, and when I saw her inside, I was like, ‘Anna, it’s me, it’s Kim,’ and then I’d zip the thing off because we were inside and I could take it off,” Kim said. “And she’s like, ‘Oh my god, I had no idea what your look was.'”

But if she could only pick one of her most memorable looks to save, which would Kim choose? “I would save my Versace gold Met dress,” she revealed.

Watch Kim revisit more of her iconic looks in the full clip above.