May 27, 2022

Who is Amelia Shephard Dating? ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star’s Love Life Explained

Who is Amelia Shephard Dating? 'Grey's Anatomy' Star’s Love Life Explained

Amelia Shepherd is regarded as one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most intriguing characters for a variety of reasons. Caterina Scorsone, who portrays the imaginary chief of neurosurgery, is a major character in the medical drama. Caterina is best known for her roles on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but she’s also been in shows including Station 19, Missing, and Private Practice.

“My duty is not to make you feel better about me,” Amelia stated emphatically in a Grey’s Anatomy episode. It is my responsibility to assist my patients in improving their health.” It’s clear she’s serious about her job! Her romantic life is another thing she takes very seriously. Here’s all you need to know about her new love interest and the potential for future difficulties.

On ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Amelia has a new love interest.

For several episodes of Season 18, Amelia has been crushing on the same person. Dr. Kai Bartley is his name. Link was on a quest to reclaim Amelia by persuading her to reunite, but when he arrived, he was taken aback by what he saw.

“I’m heading to Minnesota,” Link said Jo before embarking on the search for Amelia. I have to inform Amelia, and I won’t be able to wait much longer. I wanted to be with her family on Christmas morning, so I told her I loved her and that I didn’t need her to marry me right now. I must depart.”

He found Amelia standing there kissing Kai instead of being able to explain his tornado of feelings to the woman of his dreams. When Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy resumes in the new year, Amelia’s budding friendship with Kai will undoubtedly be one of the more intriguing focus points to watch.

What about Amelia’s previous boyfriends and girlfriends?

Link’s desire to rekindle his romance with Amelia may not be as strong as it once was, but she was intrigued by the prospect. When she learned she was pregnant with his child, they weren’t genuinely devoted, which complicated their relationship even more. Amelia was married to Owen Hunt earlier in her life, in addition to Link. The relationship lasted only a few months.

She had been engaged to James Peterson prior to that, but the relationship had ended by the time she recognised she was ready to relocate to Seattle. Previously, when living in Los Angeles, she was engaged to Ryan Kerrigan. If it hadn’t been for his death, they would have probably made it down the aisle.

Amelia’s relationships haven’t always been easy, and now that she’s in a love triangle with Link and Kai, it’s evident that things aren’t about to get any easier. These people must go through a lot of emotions because they need to have some serious conversations about the future.