May 24, 2022

Blackberry Salad celebrates the season’s freshest produce


Finally, we are starting to see some changes in the produce aisle to welcome spring. In season artichokes, fiddleheads, asparagus and spinach were front and center, and black-as-midnight blackberries caught my eye too. I worked them into this beautiful salad that delivered texture, sweetness and compatibility to crisp salad greens and crunchy walnuts.


For the dressing:

3 T. white balsamic vinegar

1 t. dry mustard

4 T. maple syrup

1/2 t. salt

1/4 c. extra-virgin olive oil

2 T. fresh minced mint

For the salad:

4 c. fresh torn mixed salad greens or spinach

1 c. fresh blackberries

1/4 c. thinly sliced scallions

1/2 c. pearl mozzarella balls, drained

1/2 c. candied walnuts (recipe follows)

In a jar, add the vinegar, mustard, maple syrup, salt and mint. Cap and shake the jar until the dressing is emulsified. Set aside.

Toss together the salad greens, blackberries, scallions, mozzarella balls and walnuts in a large salad bowl. Drizzle with the dressing and toss. Serves 4.


2 T. unsalted butter

1 1/4 c. walnut halves

1/3 c. sugar

1/4 t. cinnamon

1/2 t. salt

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

Melt the butter in a medium saucepan over low heat. Add the walnuts and stir to coat them well.  Raise the heat to medium, add the sugar and cook until the sugar is dissolved, stirring often, about 5 minutes. Stir in the cinnamon and salt, and transfer the mixture to the baking sheet. Spread the nuts in a single layer. Let the walnuts cool until hardened, about 15 minutes. Makes 1 1/2 cups.