May 27, 2022

Help for Ukraine but little for Myanmar


There are many similarities between the war in Ukraine and the civil conflict in Myanmar. There are urgent humanitarian concerns in both countries, but the grave suffering in one has been greatly overshadowed by the other.

Western nations have rallied to support Ukraine, with arms and help for its millions of refugees, but the people of Myanmar have received far less. On moral grounds, the world and its leaders need to try to find a better solution to the crisis in Myanmar, which is surely the worst since my country won independence in 1948.

The global media focus on Ukraine is understandable, given the ramifications for Europe and the fact it is more clear-cut – one country invading another. The conflict in Myanmar is better described as a revolution, not only by the ethnic states that have battled the military since the country was formed, but for the first time in decades also supporters of the pro-democracy forces in central Myanmar, outraged by the coup staged by army chief Min Aung Hlaing in February 2021.