May 27, 2022

I’m a Sephora super fan – you can get your birthday gift on ANY day of the year & even pay with points you don’t have


YOUTUBER Mariale Marrero tried out a myriad of Sephora shopping hacks so people could be confident they worked.

She discovered you can get your birthday gift on any day of the year, pay with points you don’t necessarily have, and so much more.

Youtube / Mar

Content creator Mariale Marrero dived into a Sephora employee’s shopping tips to see if they worked[/caption]


She discovered that not all Sephora stores are run the same[/caption]

“I came across this TikTok where a Sephora employee was giving us all these hacks while still getting all the makeup,” Marrero recalled in her informational video.

She said that when she heard all the tips, she was skeptical if they’d actually work.

So, she decided to try them out so no one else besides her needs to be embarrassed if they don’t pan out.

The tips she tried came from the TikTok account of beauty guru Kyra Gallego and she certainly learned a lot.

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Marrero’s attempt at redeeming her birthday gift from Sephora eight months late did not go smoothly, but it did end with a free gift.

Marrero arrived at the register with a pack of lipglosses in hand, so she wasn’t just asking for her birthday gift.

And when she did, she claimed the cashier was looking at her as if she “was asking for pancakes at Sephora.”

However, once the cashier did some investigation and checked to make sure Marrero did not already redeem her gift, she was given one.


Unfortunately, the other birthday present tip shared by Gallego did not work for Marrero.

Gallego had claimed that if you ask for both birthday presents from Sephora, you would get them.

When Marrero asked, she was told she must pick one.

This is not to say the trick won’t work at any Sephora, but it certainly will be hit-or-miss.


According to Gallego, if a customer does to have enough Sephora points to purchase a product, they can still get it.

She claimed that your points will simply go into the negative zone.

Marrero said she had never heard of such a rule and admitted she had to create a completely new Sephora account so she would have zero points when she went to check out.

When she was ready to pay and asked to use points, the cashier said she did not have enough.

However, when Marrero mentioned she heard that you can just go into negative points, the woman at the register allowed her to do so.

She ended up with negative 30 points on her brand new account.


In her TikTok, Gallego claimed: “You can get a sample of as much thing as you want.

“Don’t listen to them.

“There is no limit.”

Marrero seemed quite happy about this tip, and to her pleasure, it worked.

She was able to get her hands on nine samples of different products from the Sephora location she visited.

“I have so much.

“I feel like the luckiest girl.

“I got all the good stuff,” she exclaimed.

However, she warned people that they might not get so lucky.

In a video of herself asking an employee if there’s a limit to the number of samples someone can get, they replied that they are only supposed to give out three.

“Honestly from my experience I think it depends on how nice you are, how nice the person is that’s helping you, and how generous they are,” Marrero theorized.

Exemplifying her theory, Marrero noted that she felt like another person who was assigned to the makeup section was trying to get rid of her when she asked for blush.

The worker told her he could only give her samples of products that come in packaging you can squeeze or pump, yet she had just gotten shimmer powder that another employee scooped out of the container for her.

Furthermore, Gallego said shoppers should be given a sample of “almost anything that can be put in a jar.”

So, as Marrero noted, it may depend on the worker you communicate with.


Gallego also noted that eye cream samples always come super full – and Marrero agreed.

“It’s true.

“Look at all that eye cream,” Marrero noted as she showed viewers her sample of eye cream.

“She was very generous.”


The next tip Marrero tried instructed her to wear headphones when she walked into the store in order to deter Sephora employees from communicating with her.

Gallego said this is the best way to make sure employees don’t “say anything to you.”

While Marrero did get through some of her Sephora store unbothered, an employee did end up asking her if she needed help.

“I’m not really sure how I feel because I think it’s good that they offer help, but also I was very visibly wearing headphones,” Marrero noted.

On that topic, Gallego pleaded with her viewers that Sephora employees are not trying to push products on you when they offer to help.

“We are literally supposed to check in on everybody that comes in, so I’m sorry if we annoy you,” she said.

On the contrary, Marrero said she actually had trouble finding someone to help her when she wanted to ask for a sample and even claimed many workers “ignored” her.

Of course, Marrero can only speak from her own experience.

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If people are super interested in any of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, they can always find out for themselves.

Young Gazzate has reached out to Sephora in an attempt to verify any of the claims.

Youtube / Mar

Marrero filmed herself trying the tricks at several Sephora locations[/caption]


Some people were more willing to help than others[/caption]

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