May 27, 2022

Queen news – Prince Harry claims ‘I’m doing all I can’ for Her Maj to meet Archie & Lilibet despite Philip memorial snub


Harry says ‘we cannot steal your future’ and vows to ‘make world a better place’

Prince Harry told child reporters “we cannot steal your future” as he vowed to make the world a better place in a kids’ TV interview on Sunday.

The Duke of Sussex, 37, told Netherlands’ Kindercorrespondent he will “never ever, ever rest” until he has “at least tried” to build a fairer world for his kids.

Speaking on day two of the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands, Harry said he wanted his daughter Lilibet, ten months, and son Archie, two, to grow up “in a fairer world, a safer world, a more equal world”.

He told his interviewers, aged 11 and 12, “it’s not going to be easy” but “we cannot steal your future” as he knelt down for the chat.

Asked what he wished for most for his children, the duke said: “It’s not going to be easy but I will never, ever, ever rest until I have as a parent at least tried to make the world a better place for them because it is our responsibility that the world is the way it is now.

“I don’t think that we should be bringing children into the world unless we’re going to make that commitment to make it better for them. We cannot steal your future.”