May 27, 2022

The dirtiest item in your hotel bedroom which you should NEVER use


THERE are certain areas of your hotel bedroom you might want to think twice about before using.

Revealing the truth behind hotel germs, reported the seven areas of your hotel bedroom you should try to avoid.

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There are seven things you should avoid in your hotel bedroom[/caption]


TV remotes carry E-Coli, MSRA, and staph[/caption]


When cleaning glasses and mugs in your hotel bedroom, chances are you’re not using dish soap to kill the germs off.

Inc. said that many cleaners rinse them underwater and dry them with a hotel towel, spreading germs from around the room directly to your glass.

They also said that the paper tops that people place on the glasses have usually been sitting there for quite a while.


They also suggested avoiding the remote controls in your hotel room at all costs.



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They are known to carry E-Coli, MSRA, and staph, so it’s best to use your laptop to binge your favorite shows.


Light switches are one of the most frequently touched surfaces in a room, which is why they are said to carry so many germs.

Other common areas to avoid touching are the hotel’s telephones since they’re held close to your face, and faucets, as they easily collect germs from using the bathroom.


According to BuzzFeed, one hotel requires its bedspread, blankets, and mattress pads to be changed once every three months.

Similarly, they said pillows are often just fluffed rather than replaced.

With your face pressed against the pillow at night, you want it to feel clean.

Avoid the germ-filled pillows by bringing your own pillowcase to throw on before bed.


Hair is frequently left behind in showers and bathtubs, but nobody feels clean after spotting a stranger’s hair in the tub with them.

Even worse, oftentimes the bathtub gets cleaned with the same gloves that were used to clean the toilet, and nobody wants to bathe in those germs.

When the tub gets cleaned, it doesn’t always get rinsed properly, meaning you might be bathing in astringent chemicals.


Countertops and desks face a similar issue as the bathtubs.

Often in a hurry to tidy up the room, they said many cleaners will wipe down counters and desks with the same rag they cleaned the bathroom with.

That means whatever germs were hiding in the bathroom are now brought out and rubbed around the living space, yuck.


Window drapes are just another thing to avoid touching in your hotel room.

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To clean drapes, they must be pulled down, washed, and rehung, which quite frankly is a whole lot of effort.

Due to their lengthy cleaning process, they said drapes are frequently skipped over, despite the dust and bugs that build up in them over time.


Light switches are one of the most frequently touched surfaces[/caption]


Many times desks and countertops get wiped with the same rag used in the bathroom[/caption]

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